MAKE this moment mindful

Watch the video below and follow the on-screen instructions. As you breathe in and out, focus on the rise and fall of your chest. If your mind wanders, that’s OK. Simply notice the thought and bring your attention back to your breathing.1 Give it a try. 


Remember, mindfulness involves focusing on the present moment.  Once you feel comfortable practicing mindfulness, you can do it anywhere and anytime.1 Even when you’re  

Taking a walk: Notice the weight on your feet and how it shifts from one side to the next with each step. 

Eating your favorite meal: Eat one bite at a time, paying attention to the flavors and aromas.  

Sitting outside: Watch the trees blow in the wind or the clouds pass by.

Petting your dog or cat: Feel the texture of your pet’s fur beneath your hand. Is it soft or rough? 

There are even more ways to practice mindfulness. So if you can’t see yourself doing any of the examples listed above, you can always try other mindful exercises to see what works for you.  

  1. Jon Kabat-Zinn. Full Catastrophe Living. New York, NY: Bantam Books Trade Paperbacks; 2013.